Auguston: A Model for a Pedestrian Community

A Master Planned Community

A Decision with Long-Term Implications

A multi-disciplinary design lab for creative collaboration
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Auguston Development Plan

The Future

Urban planning for density and integration with the surrounding ecosystem by Avoid Obvious Artchitects
Marketing for Auguston: My Home Town

The Plan: January 1998

Designs by BLDRS Collective Inc for Beautiworld Development Corporation

A Traditional New Town

Executive Summary


Village Centre

Recreation Centre



Economic Benefit


Section 1

Assessment of Site Conditions

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Regional Context

1.3 Local Context

1.4 Legal Description

1.5 Site Character

1.6 Vegetation

1.7 Hydrology and Drainage

1.8 Surficial Geology and Soils

Section 2

Town Planning Principles

2.1 A New Design Paradigm

2.2 Conventional Subdivision Planning

2.4 Elements of a Traditional Town

2.5 Traditional Town Planning Principles

Section 3

Auguston — Concept

3.1 The Concept Plan

3.2 Land Use Summary

3.3 The Zoning Plan

Section 4

Private Realm Concept

4.1 Background

4.2 The Village Centre

4.3 The Recreation Centre

4.4 Residential Land Uses

Section 5

Public Realm Concept

5.1 Background

5.2 Community Facilities

5.3 Location and Character of Public Facilities

5.4 Community parks

5.5 Neighbourhood Parks

5.6 Linear Parks (Trails)

5.7 Environmental Reserve

5.8 Schools

Section 6


6.1 Circulation Concept

6.2 Streets

6.3 Transit Concept

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design.

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