Anna Vandas

It’s a song to listen to in the quiet dark, when you want to enter into the Christmas Story from a new perspective. Drawing from my own recent experience of the birth of my baby boy, I wanted to enter into the very thoughts of this girl Mary. What would she have really been feeling after the incredibly raw, visceral, heavenly, shocking moments of childbirth? And not just any childbirth: this is the Christ here. This is miraculous. I believe the whole earth, all the plants, trees, oceans, rocks, all the way across the earth would have reverberated with the event of Jesus touching down in our world; angels appeared chorusing in the sky! What would this real woman of God have felt? We know from the Bible of her famous speech during her pregnancy telling of her honour and submission and thankfulness to God, but we are peering into those first seconds that she held her baby, pure deity, in her arms for the first time.

Written by Anna Vandas

  • Jonathan Anderson — engineering, mixing, keyboard, drum programming
  • Caleb Chan — violin
  • Brian Chan — cello
  • Anna Vandas — guitar, vocals, bass synth

Empty Highway

You’re Here

Anna Vandas

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design.

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