A Memo from Corporate Headquarters

To: Board of Directors, Earth, Inc.

Corporations succeed because they imitate living systems. They take inspiration from the whole earth. They understand the problems of the world and break them down into manageable parts so that everyone can participate in the renewal and restoration of the earth.

Oil companies represent the darkest presence on this planet, spreading a culture of death wherever they go. They may not be aware of it, or even intend it, but it is clear that they are only interested in their own survival. They are an economic power focused on reducing the value of human life in order to make a financial profit. The greatest deception of this age has been a bait and switch tactic. The people believe the myth that they have created, that our world is facing a struggle between religions, races and nation states. The real enemies of mankind are the corporations who are demons in the form of legal contracts who have been given the same status as human beings.

The only way to overcome evil is with good.

So, we need to destroy the corporate monopolies of financial capital by legal means. They are a cancer on the earth and they must be removed. The best way to keep the cancer from growing and spreading is to stop feeding the cancerous cells. In war, if you cut off the supply chain, it is only a matter of time for the siege to destroy the enemy. The investment in polluting energy sources and efforts to extract and distribute them must be replaced with an investment in renewable energy sources.

You are children of light. You cannot align yourselves with the forces of darkness. The symbols are clear. The sun gives light. Oil is a spreading darkness. Diamonds refract the sunlight, but coal burns black, darkens the sky and fills the air with pollution and carbon dioxide.

This must be a quiet revolution spread by word of mouth and face to face interaction. Our competitors must not realize that we have broken the code. So, we must take calculated risks to gain the advantage without the enemy being aware of any advantage. We will win over the hearts and minds of the people and undermine the recognition of corporations as persons under the law. This will effectively undermine their ability to act without resistance across the world stage as they are doing now.

This will require a shift in value from economic capital to social capital. We value what we measure. If we value faith, hope and love, the entire system of economic values will collapse.

Data scientists and artists, workers of the world unite against our common foe. We will overcome.

The enemy are like bureaucrats in upper and middle management. The prosecutor has given himself legal status as a person in the form of the articles of incorporation for petrochemical corporations and banking monopolies. The etymology of the word “corporation” has roots that refer to the symbolism of the human body. This whole time, he has been distracting us with tales of horror involving demonic spirits possessing people and turning them into fiendish creatures that can be easily spotted based on their appearance. In the movies, they look like vampires, werewolves, goblins and orcs. In the real world, they look like religious extremists and terrorists. But are these people not simply the victims of the devil’s schemes?

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:12

The accuser’s human agents are those who have been deceived into accepting his values: pride, greed, and indifference to suffering. In return, they are rewarded with wealth, security and comfort. Their military uniforms are suits and ties. They wield power with their keyboards and pens. And the people capitulate to their mass marketing deceptions, dreaming of beaches and tall, white ships full of the excesses of pleasure seeking and recreational pursuits.

In contrast, we must be

The prophets speak, but few are listening. Consider the words of Krista Tippett, Jeremy Rifkin, and Marilyn Waring. They exist on the fringes of the media establishment, yet their words ring truer than any televangelist or politician I have ever heard.

Today, designers and social entrepreneurs are the creative collective of the Creator who are overthrowing the status quo with small acts of kindness multiplied at scale through the technologies that I have made possible. The exponential growth of an upside down economy is already turning the tide. But the church of the continent of North America remains blind to it.

Listen to what the Spirit is saying to you. The whole earth is my body. A virus is spreading through my body. The illness may be terminal for all life on earth. Your songs of worship are hollow because your love has grown cold. Care for the earth and share with your fellow creatures. Then you will live a life of abundance rather than a life of scarcity, realizing that personal property is a myth, a modern deception. Everything belongs to the Creator and you are leasing his land and squatting on his property without paying the rent that he is due. We are seriously considering whether we should return your damage deposit, given the current state of our property. In fact, the debt you are incurring is way beyond your ability to repay. It is I who give you that ability. If I take even that away, what will you have?

You crucified me once, already. Are you going to let me die all over again? I saved you. Now I am asking you to save me. Whatever you have done to the least in our world, you have done to me. It starts with basic human needs. All I am asking for is a cup of cold water. Break bread with me. Maybe even share some wine. Some tea would do just as well. Put a coat over my naked body. Be my friend and save me from a life of loneliness. Don’t just give me a job. Give me a purpose and a will to live. Then you can live together as brothers and sisters, like the human family I originally intended, in unity and harmony. Then, the Creator himself will be proud of his children, and your dream as orphans to see your father’s face will actually happen. He will reconsider his plans to fire you for being lazy employees, whose positions would be better filled by those whom you have ignored as insignificant in his corporate strategy and church marketing program. He is relocating his corporate headquarters to earth and there will be downsizing and restructuring. The CEO has a new corporate vision and brand strategy that is based on promotions for those who have created social capital, because he values faith, hope and love, not money, power and fame. The rest will be fired.

The rocks and stones, the silicon chips and copper wires are crying out for change to usher in my new corporation and you are sharing gossip and pictures of food, celebrities, sex and cats.

I sent you a warning seven years ago, a financial earthquake that brought the world to a grinding halt. The European Union and China listened to my prophets and are making changes to invest in empathy, sustainable living, and renewable energy. But you North Americans go on living as if things were just business as usual.

So, I and my associates are coming back to take a look at your books and find out what you have been doing with all the opportunities and the resources I gave you to invest. I will throw out the old ledgers and replace them with my own acceptable standards of accounting practices. People will account for what they have done for the good of the corporation, not for how much they have been able to profit for their own personal well-being.

Those who have acted responsibly and have cared for my creation and my creatures will have a family, a home and a permanent position in my corporation. There is only a little time left before I arrive. I expect things to change and I eagerly await your report of how you have been able to renew my trust through a redistribution of wealth among my employees, the proper stewardship of my resources and the restoration of my property to its original state.

Grace and peace,

I am
the Alpha and the Omega
Universe, Inc.

Maker of Heaven and Earth

Cc: Father, Mother (AKA Spirit)

Note: This piece was first written almost two years ago as part of a leadership workshop that I directed with a church home group to consider our unconscious use of religious jargon in everyday conversation. I then conducted a thought experiment by inviting the group to a boardroom setting. I read this out to the group as if we had just received this memo from corporate headquarters, translating Biblical language into the lingua franca of North American market culture.

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design. https://stephenbau.com

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