Star Trek Discovery Title Sequence, 2017. Art of the Title.

Class M Planets

Searching for a world that is hospitable to life

Class M

Mental Models

Human beings in our world have been likened to blind people, each with their hands on the elephant discerning its different parts but unable to fully comprehend the whole.

Blind Men Appraising an Elephant by Ohara Donshu, Edo Period (early 19th century), Brooklyn Museum

Hierarchies and Networks

The old industrial model of identity is the machine and the hierarchy, embodied by the corporation. The new model of the Information Age is the network, the collective of open-sourced and crowd-sourced knowledge and capability. The politics of our age are a clash between these two paradigms.


Out of this observation and constructed model of the current reality rises a question: what makes this world a hospitable place for life, and not just human life, but for all living things — for this living planet?

Earth Manifesto

Let us consider how we can creatively, collectively collaborate in the project to transform our world to be a place of hospitality for all living things. That must be our common ground on this earth that we share. For earth we are and to earth we shall return. We are “adam,” we are but dust.

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