Dear USA

A message from Canada to the United States of America

Seal of the President of the United States, Wikipedia

You have not elected your best people to the highest positions of power in your nation. You cease to be a credible proponent for liberty and democracy when you provide cover for sexual predators, racists, religious extremists, and oligarchs who seek to solve the world’s problems through intimidation and military force.

How can we feel safe visiting the USA—or even living next to you—when you condone such behaviour to the extent that you would vote such an individual into your highest office? Those who call yourselves moral people or people of faith while supporting this individual have also lost any credibility as representatives of your principles or religion.

We implore you to do the right thing and listen to the women who have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment and assault and investigate the allegations that have been brought forward regarding your leader’s fitness for public service.

If not for the love of God and country, then for the sake of humanity, show the world that you have some shred of human decency and moral courage.

your friend,


P.S. It is a presumption, to be sure, to speak for Canada. But I would hope that this is the stand that we would take.

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design.

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