People believe what they want to believe

In which the Flat Earth Society responds to Elon Musk.

It seems that some people have been primed to believe fake news, and the evidence, though anecdotal, appears to correlate with this hypothesis.

Flat Earth in Space. Adobe Stock
  • Some believe the earth is 6,000 years old.
  • Some believe the earth is flat.
  • Some believe humans and dinosaurs coexisted.
  • Some believe that god destroyed all the people and animals that lived on the earth with a flood, except for those that fit in a large boat.
  • Some believe a nation was born when some slaves decided to leave an evil empire and their god split the waters of the sea to aid their escape and destroy the imperial army that was going to kill them.
  • Some believe a virgin gave birth to a child.
  • Some believe God is a cosmic child abuser, who tortured and executed his child to save humans from their sins.
  • Some believe a man who claimed to be god was killed and came back to life.
  • Some believe heaven is a place for good people who believe unbelievable things.
  • Some believe that eternal conscious torment is the ultimate destiny of most humans.
  • Some believe a book that recounts some unbelievable stories is all the truth we need because it says so.
  • Some believe their leader is infallible.
  • Some believe women are witches and burn them alive or drown them.
  • Some believe sprinkling water on a newborn saves them from eternal conscious torment.
  • Some believe that submerging a person in water when they are old enough to understand what they believe will save them from eternal conscious torment.
  • Some believe that differences in belief are a good reason to go to war and kill other people who believe different things.
  • Some believe gold is more valuable than human beings.
  • Some believe that land is property that can be owned, bought and sold, like wives, slaves, and children.
  • Some believe that skin pigmentation is a good indicator of a person’s value.
  • Some believe it is okay to steal land and kill the people who live there.
  • Some believe if they live in a place long enough, people will forget the land was stolen.
  • Some believe their country is the best and are willing to kill others who believe theirs is better.
  • Some believe borders are real and people who cross borders are evil.
  • Some believe money is real and is more valuable than people.
  • Some believe owning more land, buildings, wives, children, and money than other people makes them important.
  • Some believe in world peace by creating weapons to kill as many people as possible, selling weapons to other countries, and blaming other countries for making the world unsafe.
  • Some believe people born in Hawaii were probably born in Kenya.
  • Some believe science is a hoax. They use science to tweet that science is a hoax.
  • Some believe men who have sex with children make good leaders.
  • Some believe grabbing vaginas is a fun thing to do.
  • Some believe vagina grabbers make good leaders.
  • Some believe teaching their children all of the above is okay.
  • Some believe it is unbelievable when they tell people all of the above, but people have a hard time believing them.

So, tell me again about fake news. I really want to believe you, but I have a feeling that everything you are telling me is fake.

An imprecatory psalm for an unbeliever.


Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design. https://stephenbau.com

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