Hi Carl-Eric, this was one of the best experiences of the weekend, because it got everyone involved. It said something to me that people were so reluctant to leave at the end. I hope someone was able to record the song you performed at the end of the conference. It was an amazing way to bookend the experience of spending time with my tribe.

Powers of Ten has an amazing way of reframing reality and giving a sense of perspective that we are so infinitely small, yet so large. As I consider such a complex system, the argument for design as opposed to random chance appears to be a much more logical conclusion.

The Jonah story then confronts us with the moral frame through which we make sense of the world. Our perspective is so small. Yet, we have been tossed over, thrown into this historical moment, in a vast sea with the weight of the world overwhelming us. We don’t know how our choices have a ripple effect through time and space. Jesus brings us back to reality. “Love God…. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” This brings everything back into perspective.

Unfortunately, it seems that people have lost a sense of perspective when confronted with the idea of loving our enemies. For Jonah, the Ninevites were the terrorists, the ones who had built their city walls with the skulls of his friends and family. Jonah wasn’t running from God. He was getting out of the blast radius, so God could rain down judgment on them, the judgment that he was convinced they deserved. Jonah had a problem with mercy.

It’s interesting how little has changed since then. The “other” is the terrorist. We still have a problem with mercy. And this is what drives the vicious cycle of fear.

Loving our enemies is the only way to break that cycle.

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design. https://stephenbau.com

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