I Was Trump Trolled by an Evangelical

Left Behind and Other Reasons to Leave the Church Behind

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An unholy alliance between church and state. Image by Adobe Stock.
Brave New Jersey, a movie about one of the original fake news stories.
White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You by John Pavlovitz.

My Response

I would advise against this strategy as a way to win friends and influence people, but I believe it accurately represents my point of view. I have a family of origin who have mostly rejected me based on my views about family, politics and religion. My emotionally distant, angry and authoritarian father has given me a poor model of what a Heavenly Father might be like. So, I react accordingly. I think that is why I react with such anger and vitriol over a message that seemed to come out of nowhere and became a subconscious reminder of a wasted childhood amid the onslaught of Christian media and the charismatic leaders and personalities that dominated our family life. So, do take this with a grain of salt.

I do not hope that Trump fails. He fails to represent basic human decency on a daily basis. And you fail to convince me that you are any different if you can defend him.

I thought I would just stop there, but the anger overcame my inclination toward restraint.

“There is one more thing that needs to be addressed, however. Whether or not you believed there were reasons for voting for Trump that outweighed the possibility that his Presidency might legitimize some people’s racist, xenophobic, homophobic and/or misogynistic attitudes, the fact remains that his status as President elect is having just this effect.”

That’s the dangerous part.

The early warning signs of fascism, courtesy of the US Holocaust Museum.

A Facebook Apology

A Reckoning

Business, media, communications and design professionals agree that something needs to change.

Another Way

There is another way to hold on to humanity in a way that is redemptive, inclusive, and loving, but it might require giving up the labels that people cherish so dearly, such as white, American, Evangelical, Conservative, and Republican.

What is the Church anyway?

What did Jesus mean by using the word “church”, as it has been translated? The ekklesia is a term referring to the people who have agency to make decisions within a group of people, the polis. I thought the message was this:

His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace…

One New Humanity

Moving On

Learn Something

What can I learn from this Facebook exchange? I think it’s time for me to leave behind the anger and animosity, repair some relationships and resolve some differences as best I can, then to get on with the work I have to do. I have a debt to pay, and the only thing it can be paid with is love.

Go from your country, your people and your father’s household…

To Peter, the one he had called to lead his sheep, Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan.” I’m sad to say, I think that is what we need to say to the leaders of the American Evangelical Republican Church and their followers. They have made their bed, but I don’t know how they’re going to lie their way out of this one.

Enjoy the Journey

But there is life and joy on the other side. It just might not look like what we expected. If there is anything that the original disciples learned after they saw all their dreams die on a cross, a completely unexpected and new reality awaits on the other side of the dark void of fear and death.

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Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design. https://stephenbau.com

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