I would be curious to know if you would mind if I created an open source web application based on your minimalist journal concept.

I built out a data model with microdata and JSON-LD.

Then I published it to Surge. (It’s not much too look at now.)

The next step would be to style the squares with CSS so that they mimic the grid that you have created.

I am playing with the idea of using a minimalistic static site generator, such as Harp to manage the content. Or I could create a version using React, Next and Sanity for a fully functioning application that could be ported to React Native to create mobile apps.

I like the idea of replacing the incumbent social media platforms that have been built on the business model of attention and advertising. That model has been proven to be broken in the area of privacy and social cohesion. With minimalist journaling, the focus is on social change through personal habits.

So, I am wondering if it is possible to build something that can create a means of owning our own data on open source tools, combining identity, microdata, JSON-LD, encryption, and blockchain.

Plus, the idea would be to provide people with the means to create their own user interfaces by customizing the data according to what they would like to measure. It would be an interesting way to combine Social Physics with the Open Public Life Data Protocol.

We value what we measure, as Marilyn Waring might say. Or we care about what we measure, as Jan Gehl would say.

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design. https://stephenbau.com

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