Leaving Social Media

In Search of Focus, Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging

I have decided to leave social media. Google, Facebook and Twitter have decided to base their business models on advertising, and I believe that does not, in the long-term, benefit society. For that reason, I am out.

Medium is not really a social medium for me. It is merely a creative outlet. Few people read what I write. However, I do like the idea of paying for the service that I use to share information. There is a certain expectation of accountability in the transaction. Plus, I am supporting the creative ideas and quality intellectual contributions of people who are motivated to put their best work into the world.

I write because I think it is important to gather my thoughts and be able to look back at what I have been thinking and how my perspective has changed over time.

I hope that I can be more intentional about the way I use my time, energy and resources to build leaders to design a resilient society.

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