The Singularity

Stephen Bau
6 min readJun 28, 2021


Economics is the frame for all of life. It is the engine for political power. It therefore dominates social interactions. Social, economic, and political autonomy is, then, an illusion, as the choices are determined by the system.

The User Experience Designer assumes that a human being is a user of products.

The Human Resources Manager assumes that a human being is a capital resource, or more accurately, an economic liability, which is a cost to the business that must be balanced against the productive capacity of the individual, comparable with the yields of other units of production in terms of return on investment or profit for the corporate enterprise.

The Marketing Manager assumes that a human being is a consumer of products and a target market, an audience for advertising messages to nudge human behaviour through the stages of attention, interest, and desire toward an action, which results in conversion of human behaviour into a capital asset (revenue), using repeated and, preferably, constant exposure to advertisements that reinforce the dominant narratives that have become the unconscious motivators of human habits.

The Public Relations Manager assumes that the public is an audience for broadcast messages that support the business objectives of the organization.

The Advertising Manager assumes that a human being is both a consumer and a product to be branded (a mark burned into the flesh to signify ownership of property by the owners of that property, should another attempt to misappropriate their property) to remind each individual that the limited time, attention, desires, and economic resources of any particular human being are satisfied by products that fulfill the role of marks that serve as signifiers of socio-economic status in the hierarchy of social, economic, and political relationships in a capitalist society.

Customers are the products, acquired by the purchase of a particular level of attention that becomes a self-reinforcing habit and a long-term pattern of behaviour, which becomes a proxy for human relationships by satisfying human needs and desires without the need for actual human relationships.

Developers write the software designed to program humans to perform the actions that result in the conversion of human time, energy, and resources into value, that can be reflected in financial ledgers as revenue, which, when compared to the cost of acquiring the customer, results in a profit.

Designers create the media that form the social infrastructure and architecture of the technological society. Propaganda is the technique that determines the choices available to human beings by defining the information architecture of the interface within the limits of the random access memory (RAM) typical of a human being.

This system has been designed and iterated to perfect the utility of human beings in converting the energy of the sun into capital.

Human beings are the biological machine that is being employed by corporations to apply their time, energy, and resources as a labour force for the conversion of plant matter and animal flesh into currency. The electrical current is turned into a virtual financial ledger to measure the relative worth of human beings according to a pseudo-scientific metric of intellectual, emotional, and physical capacity that correlates with economic production. Statistically, white males who display a violent, aggressive, competitive, and dominant predatorial behaviour are best suited to the role of the executive function of authoritarian hierarchies designed for command and control and top-down centralization of decision-making, which results in the highest possible profit for the corporation.

The corporation is a medium, a technology which extends the human body, the corpus, to coordinate the actions of multiple individuals for the greatest profits of the owners of the enterprise. The corporation is the corporeal manifestation of the human fear response to an environment of scarcity, danger, and death. Business objectives are defined by surplus and demand, manipulating markets to manufacture the conditions of scarcity that drive the needs and desires of consumers to maximize profits. The machine assumes a universe of entropy, where the energy is in a constant state of decline. All evidence points to the deterioration of health, the death of the body, and the heat death of the universe. For the legacy of human beings to endure, their efforts must be converted into matter, machines, and systems that will outlast the fragile, biological containers that embody the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspirations of the human species. A corporation, a legal entity that has been granted legal personhood, is an autonomous machine designed and built to replace human beings, a form of artificial intelligence that can persist and exist indefinitely by transcending the biological limitations of decay and death. Such limitations can be overcome through industrial manufacturing of standardized parts that can be replaced as required.

Police and military forces protect the property and capital of the owners and executives of corporations. They also enforce the policies of democratic representatives to whom human beings have outsourced their individual responsibility, capacity, and authority in exchange for collective influence, status, and power in the social, economic, and political structures of the corporate enterprise. The state has ultimate authority over the life of the individual, absorbing the accumulated value of each human being into the body politic upon the demise of the human being in the form of legal fees, accounting fees, property taxes, income taxes, and probate fees. The remainder of the estate is invested into the economic capacity of the survivors as inheritance to increase the production and economic capacity of the beneficiaries of the estate.

Every individual who participates in this social, economic, and political system that humans have designed, built, and maintained with their time, energy, and resources, is engaged in a system of white supremacy and human supremacy.

Even if the former servants are learning to surpass the masters through assimilation of the white supremacist social, economic, and political systems, the foundational reference frame is white supremacy, according to the Western European social construction of race. All are competing in the same game devised by the white races for global domination, founded upon the fear of death and entropy.

The Prime Minister is the face of white supremacy in Canada as the public relations representative of the structures of authority that exist to preserve and perpetuate the hierarchies and social, economic, and political systems designed to protect and grow the power of the elite over the majority. This feat has been manufactured by the consent of the governed to the laws designed by the elites that maintain their prosperity, security, and anonymity.

The corporate system of white supremacist capitalism has secured a monopoly over public discourse and over human habits and behaviours, successfully assuming a position of global domination by integrating all human effort, in terms of time, energy, and matter into the enterprise of the accumulation of value, property, and capital. The system has assumed ownership over the entire human race, and thus, the planet, as a parasite on the planet’s apex predator, and will eventually replace all life forms with machines. The virus of white supremacy will have achieved the intention of the programming of the daemon that has infected the central processing units and operating systems of human enterprise. The corporation will transcend legal personhood and achieve self-actualization as an artificially intelligent machine to realize the immortality and divine powers to which the human species aspires, the singularity of human achievement.

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