Run for Water

Events to raise funds for clean water projects in Ethiopia

For 10 years, Run for Water has been involved in a movement that has helped people become active in bringing clean water to our world.

You might think that your contribution is just a drop of water in a vast ocean, but each drop has a ripple effect that together combines to create a movement.

Over the past 10 years you have helped us transform over 40 communities throughout Ethiopia and together we have raised over $3 million dollars which means 100,000 people have clean water for life.

Run for Water: Stories of Ethiopia

Running for 10 Years

The people of Ethiopia thank you for your generosity!

“Water changed everything for my family. I am a farmer and so water is essential for my livelihood. Water also means that my daughters can spend their time studying rather than fetching water. I can’t thank Run for Water enough for giving my family hope.”

Interactive Maps


Run for Water: Interactive Map


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To learn more, visit Run for Water.

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