The Elevator Pitch

I am a husband, father, designer, writer, educator and aspiring social architect.

I started a business called the Builders Collective. I found a domain,, that is “builders” with no vowels, to have a short URL. So, I made a cute acronym: building leaders to design a resilient society.

My superpower is big picture thinking, where I notice challenges and think about how to turn challenges into opportunities. That is how I define design.

At the global scale, I would call this social architecture.

Humans design tools, systems and organizations. When we don’t think about it, the things we have designed become invisible. I try to visualize all of it, question all of it, and try to reimagine our social architecture and the opportunities we have to deconstruct oppressive tools, systems and organizations, so we can build a better world. We construct, deconstruct and reconstruct, as Richard Rohr might say.

I am looking for the builders collective, the invisible creative community, those who are already involved in doing this good work (as Nehemiah might say): to know truth, create beauty and do good.

As a designer, I am discovering hope in my profession as people leave the business of consumerism and marketing behind to get involved in human-centred design to help solve our most challenging problems. The same process is happening with the church. I have a feeling that it is all connected.

Or, as Dirk Gently might say, I believe in the “interconnectedness of all things.”

I have been trying my hand as a writer on Medium.

And I have dreams about publishing, as I am fascinated by the human fascination with the number three, progress and the evolution of ideas.

Designer, writer, educator, social architect, founder, Builders Collective, Leading with Design.

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