The United States of Authoritarians

An open letter to the Canadian Members of Parliament

The United States of America is an apathetic, hateful, warmongering nation lead by a racist, patriarchal, misogynist White House. The government, the corporations and the churches are complicit in the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

The Public Shaming of an International Bully

The White House is doing the world a service by live-tweeting the internal motivations of corporate capitalism. Because they consider the press the enemy of the state, they can engage in the perverse equation that assassinating and dismembering a Washington Post reporter is merely the cost of doing business with Saudi Arabia. This business just happens to involve the sale of weapons to an allied authoritarian power that is systematically destroying the civilian population of Yemen, causing the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

Canada is Not a Peace-Keeping Nation

Canada is complicit by purchasing a non-existent Texan oil pipeline to fund the war and by manufacturing weapons for sale to Saudi Arabia.

These institutions have been built on imperial and colonial foundations, and they continue to operate as they have been designed.

  • The government: institutionalizing injustice
  • The corporation: purchasing power
  • The church: perpetuating abuse

The Radicalization of American and Canadian Citizens

How are the Liberals any different from the Conservatives? Is it any wonder that American and Canadian citizens are being radicalized, declaring, “Death to America!” They might do well to add, “Death to Canada!”

America and Canada are raining death upon Yemen, no matter what spare change they might be throwing at humanitarian efforts.

End the Manufacture and Sale of Weapons to Saudi Arabia

It does not matter how much capital or how many jobs you create by manufacturing wars against one of the poorest countries in the Middle East. By doing so, you are communicating to us that corporate wealth is more important than human life.

End the manufacture and sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia or the actions and inactions of your government will be a stain on the history of Canada.

The United States has now taken steps to end the war in Yemen.

What excuse does the Canadian government offer for its apathy regarding the worst humanitarian crisis of our time?

The Butcher of Yemen

If you remain silent about this issue in Parliament, you will have declared that you do not represent me. Why, then, should I not refer to you as the Butcher of Yemen?

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